In principal, Dornier Group and their divisions; Dornier Group Association; sponsorship was generated through funding by private investors, banks and venture capital and Group Companies.

The funding which is here required depends always on the customer directly. This means that the customer or project companies are the applicant of the particular loan.


Meanwhile the DornierGroup DGA Clients coming from all over the world and are as well as AAA Companies as well as so called AA Companies and national and governmental Companies worldwide.


The Group is surrounding a team of specialists who are in charge of the various fields, such as Financing - Real Estate and Investment;

Aviation specialists - Cargo Transport Logistic, Air- Water - Rail, Airport Planning and Redevelopment;

Production Professionals - Consulting - Food Industries- Industry - Green Energy;

Mobile Solutions - Motor and Electro Vehicles - Drive Technology - Storage Technology;

Building and Construction; Tower house ; Static engineers - Architects, Warehouse and Malls, Special Shop Design;Commodity Trading;

Agriculture planning specialists, Farm, Livestock breeding, Slaughterhouse and Sausage factory, Dairy;

and of referring its clients of individuals, self-employed professionals and businesses a full range of services.


DGA is also a recognized player in international market and treasury business thereby assuring the Group and its clients the best possible access and profit.

The very nature of these activities, their respective contribution to corporate results and the values of the Group assure the Group and its clients a very low risk profile, confirm its role as a socially responsible Group.


In addition, vis-à-vis its Specialists, shareholders and Partners, Joint Venture Partners, DGA has constantly targeted and attained a high and regular level of profitability and achieved financial performers that create value and generates dividends.


The main business of DGA continues to be in background business and the addresses a Clientele that is essentially private. Products and services are to a great extend organised around services, known as family office services, compromising sophisticated products, investment and tax advice.


Why the assosiation Dornier Group - open profit Assosiation for the promotion of general interests globally DGA was established by the founding members?


The Association has been found of the members to bring together people with experience and influence for the development of human and industrial Global network.

In general consulting and advisory firms and companies and specialists from, for example, the following areas:


Financial Services, leasing companies and banks, agricultural specialists and farm equipment manufacturer - commodity traders and food industry planners and Food Industry, Real Estate Agents - building main and sub-construction company construction and civil engineering - Construction machinery producer and material suppliers, engineering and security specialists, transportation logistics company - Air -Water - Road - Rail, Energy companies, project development and processing and execution and operator companies, municipal government employees - Regional authorities - Staff - Party members - Government Officials - Humanitarian organizations - Club - commodity trading companies, oil industry, gas industry, tourism, recycling and energy producers only a few important examples of future areas of work and networking with people.


The Association agrees to pass on all global inquiries to the club to that members in their environment the project or counseling is situated and needed. Are regional employees or corporate consulting or project-specific not trained yet available there, the Association completely finish the regionally important measures to economically and environmentally best solution with all the necessary specialists of Association.


The Association Dornier Group - open profit Association for the promotion of general interests globally through its Board will consider all requests of new Members responsible and conscientious decisions and continuously introduce new members under the heading information.

Each member has the right to publish a link in the list of members with their professional specialty, work, study, diplomas, awards and contact details. Furthermore, the Association open its members a sub-account in their Account to provide for their exclusive use.


The global Dornier Group Association headquarters are in Switzerland - Lugano.

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