Comments on the organizational structures


In Principle:

The structures are to form the basis for the proposed DornierGroupAssociation and business success. For this purpose are required:

• Quick decision-making

• High security

• Clear responsibilities and competences

• Continuous communication

• Clamp responsiveness

to market changes; technical developments; special customer requests; Changes in political and economic conditions.


An identical structure is built for all associated companies, but which is aligned to the respective specific tasks.

Through our preferred system, all businesses can also work independently and goal-oriented one another without mutually block each other or to influence negative and thus promote themselves as a profit center of our own success.

However, the companies also benefit to a great extent of the group's financial strength, its economic and political contacts and, not least, the experts who participate in the group.


The installation and the task of the respective Holding AGs ensures a consistent communication.

Particularly important for the Holdings however is that the respective favoring individual business units can be controlled through this; but especially the profit distributions are controlled results-oriented.



DornierGroupAssociation - open profit association for the promotion of general global interests DGA


General declaration:

To develop and enable regional economies by supporting them with knowhow and with global specialist in open DornierGroupAssociation.


DornierGroup is not simply a consulting engineering Association and differs markedly from specialized asset management firms and private bankers.

DornierGroupAssociation creates, manages and shares the world of highly experienced specialists in a broad network of interests for infrastructure projects, regional, national and global on our mission statement.

Within the group there is an umbrella which organize to fund the projects and give the best connections to interested investment Organization.

DGA can offer the ideal combination of a global network of partners that embody values and efficiency and their experience built up over many years of working for a privileged clientele.

The clients will have access to a broad range of services, experts and specialists. The global resources and knowhow available you are carefully moduled for the specific tax and legal framework of the country concerned, and for the varaying objectives.

A framework agreement is the legal basis for each partnership - in your partnership with DGA.



Statute of the Association


Dornier Group Association - open profit Association for the promotion of general global interests


§ 1 Name and location

The association is named:

Dornier Group Association - open Association for the promotion of general global interests

It shall be registered in the register and then transmits the addition registered Dornier Group Association, (DGA) and will be operated from Switzerland and branches.

The seat of the association by found is - Luzern and Offices in Lugano Switzerland and Branches World wide.


§ 2 year

Fiscal year is the calendar year.


§ 3 Purpose of the Association

The DGA is surrounding a team of specialists who are members of DGA in charge of the various fields, such as for example:


Financing - Real Estate and Investment;

Aviation specialists - Cargo Transport Logistic, Disaster Case Cargo transport support, Air- Water - Rail, Airport Planning and Redevelopment;

Production Professionals - Consulting - Food Industries- Industry - Green Energy;

Building and Construction - SKYhouse patent; Static engineers - Architects, Warehouse and Malls, Special Shop Design; Commodity Trading, Special Investmets;

Agriculture planning specialists, Farm, Livestock breeding, Slaughterhouse and Sausage factory, Dairy;


and of referring its clients of individuals, self-employed professionals and businesses a full range of services.

The clients of DGA can charter the specialists trough a framework agreement.


The DGA has as its object through all Members or companies who have all gained through their education specialist scientific knowledge through years of work or activities or was certified by study on Universities

through the development and execution of projects able developments in states, regions, cities to promote the environmental, economic or infrastructure individually or in the club's community.


The founding members as listed have chosen the board for 7 years.

The Articles of Association in association purpose are called at the inaugural meeting or general meeting which may be sent electronically to propose by the Board and approved by the founding members.


The assoziation exclusively and directly - beside profit - purposes.


A. the promotion of science and research.

B. the promotion of art and culture.

C. to promote international attitude, tolerance in all areas of culture and international understanding.

D. for development cooperation.

E. to promote consumer advice and consumer protection.

F. Construction of Community Centre headquarters global.

G. Consulting

H. Construction

I. Technology

J. Trading

K. Agriculture

L. Cargo

M. Green energy

N. Mobile - Solutions

O. Investment

P. Information

Q. Financing


§ 4 Selfless activity

The Association is active; he does not only pursue its own economic purposes but is financed primarily from grants, membership fees and donations and framework agreements. The involved club members which are chosen to participate in Projects give 10% of their received profit, out of framework agreements signed by the Board in general, to the Association which is under obligation to generate secured profits.


§ 5 funds

Association funds may only be used for statutory purposes and secure reinvestment. The members participate on the income of profits out of reinvestment by percentage paid into the Association account.


§ 6 Prohibition of benefits

No person may be favoured by expenditure that is the purpose of the corporation alien, or by disproportionately high salaries or remuneration.


§ 7 Acquisition of membership

Team members can be natural or legal persons.

The receiving application must be submitted in writing on the application for the Board.

Against the rejection that requires no justification, / is the decision of the candidate /

appealed to the General Assembly, which then makes the final decision.


§ 8 Termination of Membership

Membership is terminated by resignation, expulsion, death or dissolution of the legal person.

The withdrawal is made by written notice to an authorized representative board member. The written resignation must be explained by a period of one month to the end of the financial year to the Board.


Exclusion can take place only for good reason. Good cause is especially a the association's goals injurious behaviour, violation of statutory obligations or arrears of at least one year.

The exclusion is decided by the Board. Against the exclusion of a member is to appeal to the General Assembly, which should be addressed in writing within one month to the Board.

The General Assembly makes decisions at the club yearly final meeting. The member will review the measure by applying to the civil courts reserved. The recourse to ordinary courts shall have suspensive effect to the legal validity of membership up to the final court decision.


§ 9 Posts

Of the members contributions are levied. The level of contributions and their due dates determined for the members. The annual minimum fee is 1000 € and to pay the admission fee of 500 €. Higher donation receipt Eligible contributions are paid monthly, quarterly or annually.


§ 10 bodies of the Association

Organs are

The General Assembly

The Board of Directors.


§ 11 General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the Association. Their duties include in particular the election and removal of the Executive Board, discharge of the Board, accept the reports of the Board, Election of Auditors / inside fixing of contributions and their maturity, adoption of the amendment of the Articles of Association, Resolution on the dissolution of the Assoziation, Decision admission and expulsion of members in appeal cases and other objects, where this appears from the statute or by law.


In the first half of each fiscal year an ordinary general meeting will be held personal or electronically.

The Board of Directors is to convene an extraordinary general meeting obliged if at least one fifth of the members so request in writing, stating urgent reasons.


The general meeting is convened by the Board, subject to a period of one month in writing, stating the agenda. The period begins on the day following the sending of the invitation letter. The invitation is considered to be members received if it was sent to the last known address.


The agenda shall be supplemented, if requested no later than one member in writing two week before the scheduled date. The supplement is to be announced at the beginning of the meeting.


Applications of the activation of the Executive Board, on the amendment of the Articles of Assoziation and the dissolution of the Assoziation who are not already submitted to the members with the invitation to the general meeting may only be decided at the next meeting.


The General Assembly shall constitute a quorum regardless of the number of members present.

The General Assembly is chaired by a board member.

At the beginning of the General Assembly is a secretary to choose which write a protocol.

Each member shall have one vote. Voting rights may be exercised in person or to a member under a written power of attorney certified.


In voting, a simple majority of the votes cast shall decide.

Amendments and the dissolution of the association can only be decided by a majority of 2/3 of the members present.

Abstentions and invalid votes are not considered. The decisions of the General Assembly, a protocol is prepared, which shall be signed by one chairman and one secretary.


§ 12 Board

The Executive Board within the meaning of Swiss Law consists of the 1st and 2nd Chairman and Minimum one Secretary. A chairman shall represent the Association in court and out of court. The legal Court is the Court in Zürich, Switzerland with Swiss German Law.

The board is elected by the General Assembly for a term of five years. The management board shall provide the necessary legal officer on behalf of the association and pay for performance regardless of a club membership.

Board members may only be members of the Association be re-elected. The Board remains in office until a new board is elected. Upon termination of membership in the Association - the position of CEO ends.


§ 13 Cash audit

The General Assembly elects a / s auditors / in for a period of one year.

The auditor must be a member of the Board.


§ 14. Dissolution of the Association

Upon dissolution or termination of the Association, the assets of the organization will go to the Members in percentage, counted out of their payments into DGA - Project works - the reinvested save investments of DGA, after payment of all DGA existing salaries and legal obligations.




1. Chairman R. Heyer

2. Vice Chairman M. Müller

3. Director Bookkeeping and Accounts Na. Schranz

4. Director Communication A.Heyer;

5. Director Austria and accounts Ni. Heyer;

6. Director office Lugano C. Purrazzello

7. Director Italy D. Argentieri


Auditor to chose if necessary by law

List of all Members only free available for Members and Twitter