DornierGroupAssociation, Dipl. Ing. - Eng. Grad. R. Heyer. Dipl. Ing. M. Müller. G. Hebebrand



DGA structured Private Financial Opportunities; SPFO and Rrivate Placement Programs PPP, and High-Yield investment Programs HYIP


DGA is absolutely direct to different experienced receiver groups, Trading Organisations fouded by Banks with different accounts worldwide in TOP 50 banking institutions.


The mode of transactions will be cleared with our Director Finance by mail and by phone. General minimum Percentages are 50 to 50% Provider and Receiver with 10% comimssion to intermediaries or 65% to Provider, 30% to Receiver and 5% commission to intermediaries. All intermediaries confirm that commuications can be open and clear between pricipals.


Our traders can accept vitually ANY asset:




Bank Instrument




In Ground Asset


Above Groud Asset


Parcel of Precious Stones


Objects of Art


Precious Metal Deposits






Profit Mine


Real Estate


only when the investors Bank is willing to confirm the Bank willingness in the Bank name to stand behind a credible value for the assets with full banking responsibility; Cash or bank draft mt 110 or bg, sblc 799, 760.


DGA is willing to assist in organizing all parties in-between, all paperwork necessary professional as reasonable possible.


Required Items for Submission


1.Copies of the Instrument

2.Copies of bank statements, advisement letters; Instruments current status in the clients bank account.

3.Copies of any paperwork that supports the instruments authenticity.

4.Client Information Sheet CIS

5.Copy of Passport

6.Letter of Intent LOI

7.Letter of Non-soliticitation

8.History of asset

9.Corporate resolution

10.Copy of bankers businesscard

11.List of intermediaries

12.Direct acsess to the client and his bankers readyness




1.Clients paperwork is submitted to his banker

2.After acceptance client get information of monetization banker to forward to his banker

3.Clients banker communicate to monetization banker readyness

4.Clients banker send RWA via SWIFT to monetize

5.Monetizing banker issues draft contract to client for signature

6.Client blocks assets via MT799 or MT760 or others on behalf of monetization bank.

7.Monatization banker deposits monetization funds into clients account.

8.Intermediaries paid as agreed


Client paperwork is submitted to trade group and get offered available trading options and introduced to trader to allow due dilligence and chooses desired program.

Trader issues draft contract for clients signature and trading begins with payouts to all parties.


This is only a short procedure to show the work which have to be done to get the assets monetized and into a trade program.


With best regards DGA