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The material presented in our Website is intended to provide a handy and comprehensive source of information on specifications for Green Energy used around the world. Every effort has been made to include the latest information available at the time of publication; however, since commercial and private specifications for Green Energy products are subject to change, this publication does not purport to be the official organ for any of the specifications listed. Inquiries concerning the latest official specifications should be directed to the issuing agency or organisation.


Some variations in test limits occur to meet specific customer applications; however, at many commercial locations where joint storage and hydrant systems are in place, industry has settled on using the Joint Fuelling System ‘Check List’ to define Green Energy produced quality. There used to be an equivalent checklist, but this was discontinued in the early 013s.

For us the main green energy today is water and Photovoltaig last generation and later all others. Not only the green energy is important today. Most important is the commercial cost and benefit accounting.


We will check the market and invest in new energy systems. Some offers we have already available but not yet the prototype. We will keep you all informed.


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Green Energy