History and Future


The Group through its related affiliates was already established and active in aircraft financing globally since 1989. Through previous experience in Eastern Europe, Africa, South America, the Far East and Australasian regions, we have been able to identify and evaluate the market potentials of these regions.


In accordance with company philosophy, we developed these regions through the existing contacts established. Furthermore the group has committed substantial resources to focus on development of these and additional markets for any kind of businesses, with strong interest already having been received by our company for the inventory.

Reinhard Heyer, senior consultant of DornierGroup worked in a Cargo airline, Metro Cargo,


which transported relief goods for International Red Cross, Governments and NATO. The transport capacity was 600 MT with 2850 m3 total with 15 Aircrafts. After shut down of Metro Cargo Mr. Heyer founded Dornier Aircraft Leasing Limited which did sales and leasing for the Dornier Turboprop and Jet aircrafts produced in Oberpfaffenhofen Germany.


We started in 2005 working in project planning and construction and with Airport Re Development.


We have experience in financing for industrial, infrastructure and projects. Additional we created a project in Agriculture Redevelopment in Central and South America. We worked in indor desing of malls and warehouses, butcher shopfitting and coffee shops, Hotels and Hospitals worldwide.


We are able to enter the green energy market as conssultants. We can design industrial food production plants, Slaughterhouses, and food growing systems by artificial electric light systems inside big cities under bio chemical control.


We work upon demand in the fields of Air Transport with so called Out Sized Cargo. We found Dornier Group Association as umbrella organisation as NGO to support countries in disaster cases international and to grow up their emergency infrastructure, Agriculture and Industries. Future will be to reconvert Aircrafts in medical center for operations of ill persons by internet with electronical installed equipment done by international specialist from their home computer systems supported by doctors on Aircrafts.

We are specialized in Planning and organize the operation of Projects as consultants.