2016 was remembered in our records as the last Group reconstruction year. Geopolitical instability has not ended and the financial crash of mayor banking systems weighted down on the worlds principal economies.

Hopes of a world economic recovery was done by the governments with credit lines to banks and national important industrial companies, governmental credits and the return of growth expected 2017 or even end of 2018.


The oil price is going down and will rise up to end of 2018. Some Crude Oil and Gas exporting countries changed their sales and exploration for new existing resources but this situation will create in house problems. The reconstruction of commercial cooperation and political systems generate worldwide losses of profits until a new stable structure is established. The cooperation ideas with tax free systems with USA and Russia should be reestablished economically and EU should finish the idea by generation a Europeean FBI system like in USA and a Army for whole Europe with oone kind of uniform to show and live the union. The Brxit is sad but not to change if the past is moore inportant as the future.

The Group will reinvest into the support of non profit making projects (Decasun),(Tower house) industrial Projects and farms and infrastructure in different countries and energy and environmental support systems.


Next steps in this field of investments will be to invest in Project Management Companies, Sales Organisations, Technology Transfer Companies, Security equipment Companies, Transports and Logistic Structures.


Funding of new midsized Industrial Productions, Water supply and Energy, Food - Industry and Farming, Infrastructure Projects and secure housing systems.


The time of restructuring and consolidation of the Group ended 2015. Responsible for steering the development of DornierGroup we did everything possible to adapt its advice and market activity to this world reconstruction, banking systems worldwide and market selection globally and grow up new cooperation partner and organisations like Dornier Group Association.



The main business of DornierGroupAssociation continues to be in background business and the addresses a Clientele that is essentially private. Products and services are to a great extend organised around services, known as family office services, compromising sophisticated products, investment and tax advice.





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