The DornierGroup is surrounded of different kind of Investment companies, Banks and private investors which accept our investment system to secure the return of assets secure and in time contracted.


The credit by all projects bares always direct to the clients. We are able to secure the construction and support the confirmed timetable and will operate or cooperate the operation of projects financed until the money is paid back.


We are in position to generate profit for Private investors and organisations.


Short sample of projects:


01 Construction of Houses, Malls, Factories


02 German construction centre ( window Factory, door, tubes, ceramic)


04 Factories for Prefabricated houses ( 20.000 each, T3, T4, 100 m2 per year)

05 Airline and Airports


06 Tourist Projects


07 Agriculture and food supply, Malls, Factories


08 Green Energy and all which support the planet and inhabitants live and health