Project Development



Project development

Dornier Group Assoziation is able to offer the concept with construction of industrial centres (industrial area) with German technology and with German Personal operated for the start phase.


From the beginning of construction, co-workers from Project will be integrated in a training centre at the project, trained and integrated in the structure and development of this project. In the training centre the co-workers are trained depending upon preliminary training in the construction of factories as apprentices, co-workers, masters, skilled workers, mechanics and engineers and work already in the project and additional trained weekly in the training centre for the respective specialist area in which they work to convert around the learned theory for future practice. They are trained as co-workers in the individual factories. The German personnel is reduced according to the taken over functions.

If necessary we offer also long-term Production and Training Control.

We begin with the structure German building and industrial centre in the proximity of the area for:


Above ground construction


Houses, office building, hall construction, hospitals, schools, kindergardens, administrative centres, market halls, shopping centres, hotel, industrial buildings, food fabrication, generation of current projects, water supply, garbage waste disposal facilities, gas station net, drinking water supply etc. what is necessary.


Foundation engineering construction


Roads and bridge construction, Water supply, public plants, current works and distributors with Accounting systems, renew-cash energies, wind and hydro-electric power plants, green belts, sports sites, recreational park, motorways, water supply etc. what is necessary.


Special's building construction


Agricultural model companies, (corn, soy beans, maize, rice, vegetable, Citrus fruits, etc.) with German approved machinery (tractors, harvesting machines, agricultural devices), foodstuffs industry (Bread fabrication, Sausage factory) national internal Telecommunication and mobile net, airports, police, prisons, Medical Centre, etc. Special's buildings, Car and truck mecatronic organized repair workshops, construction machines repair workshops, Special enterprises for service with sales places for all buildings, sanitary, cooling, building furnishing and equipping, food shop fitting, cold-storage depots etc. what is necessary.


The costs of a sample farm with ca. 10.000 ha provided agricultural ground, buildings, machines and transport vehicles inclusive buildings, seeds, livestock, stock breeding.

For the control and organisation of all construction sites, projects must be planned a helicopter landing place on each building centre and larger section.


All production units are provided as individual profit centres with independent administration.

The Bank guarantee is the security that investments could paid back out of profit of projects. The Project company take the loan and return is our job to run the projects profitable. After this period was successfully and the investment is returned we or our operating company hand over the projects step by step.


The delivery contracts and payments, pre-payments, partial payments from the bank are controlled by the Dornier Consulting Group supervising division and submitted three monthly an accounting in each case to the authorities responsible for the projects.


Dornier Group Assoziation

Germany, Dipl. Ing. M. Müller, Statiker, Verkehrssytem Analyst,

Dipl. Ing. -Ing. Grad. R. Heyer, Innenarchitektur und Architektur, Projektsystemorganisation, Produktion,

C.Purrazzello, Real Estate, and others by request.