Real Estate



Real Estate

As generally known worldwide in the sixties built Livinghouses and so-called tower blocks to be blown up in urban areas because they are no longer habitable. Finding a decent dwelling is as old as mankind. For this reason, the Dornier Group Association has decided to enter into the living - real estate entities construction.


Together created property means for us to build in the group properties, or found a group to buy ground space and built together. This process, we want to be as simple and as understandable as to make possible.


Dornier Group NGO and the Board have been the object of social sustainability of the association: We help people find other colleagues to work together to take their housing situation in the own hands and create these common real estate projects in the form of construction groups of buyers and this is a necessary response to social reality. In many residential areas already no longer sufficient apartments exists and let alone the necessary infrastructure across Europe.


The Dornier Group Association will implement this experience to this planet to build decent housing systems in the world. Affordable gained systems industrialization of the buildings is necessary. Current economic conditions are also in all other areas based on our partners construction activities.


Soon we will outsource real eastate Switzerland. We got support for the construction of Tower houses, factory built and delivered by container on site and assembled within weeks, earth quake secure and on top of a ground tower system out of reach of zunamis up to 10 meter above ground, independent by power and water supply on each surface even inside water. We will found soon the factory in Europe as a sample for all over the continents until end of next year, start end of 2018 and finished for delivery 2020 to Caribbean Islands to be save by storms category 4 to 5 and with assets from different indusrial components like dirnking water cleaning out of rain, powered by phtopholtaig and a lot more extra wishes from future owners accepted. We also can offer a air cleaning equipment tower which cleans the town area of half a square km from CO2 and car emissions totally in dependent powered. and